Bucket List Ideas for California
Must See Treasures of the State

Plan your visit during Spring and Summer when days are long,  it is bright, and sunny.  

There are ample places to see and enjoy on the Pacific Coast, mountains, redwood forests, and in the cities.

California is also known as the “Golden State.” There are many places to see, visit, and enjoy at all times of the year. In summer you may visit the beaches, surf or go hiking. In winter there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy snow and ski in the mountains.

Some of the Favorite Sights

Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California, is the fourth hall of the Los Angeles Music Center and was designed by Frank Gehry. I Wikipedia

Death Valley

It is a desert valley in California, in the Mojave Desert. It is one of the hottest places on Earth, along with deserts in the Middle East and the Sahara. Wikipedia


The California gull, is a medium-sized gull, smaller than the herring gull but larger than the ring-billed gull,. Wikipedia